Information Brochure

The New MAC Logo

The Martial Arts Center Motto

"Never Ever Quit". Stated very simply this phrase bears a deeper meaning. Once you begin something, no matter how insignificant, do your best to see it through to the end.

We consider all students to be Black Belts in training. That is why our logo bears the phrase Black Belt Training. This reminds us everyday what our ultimate goal is in the martial arts. If we don't know where we're headed we will never get there.

What We Teach at the Martial Arts Center

Our base system is Chinese Kenpo Karate, with strong influences from Kali/Escrima, American Karate/Kickboxing and other non-traditional eclectic arts.

Kenpo for Kids

Little Dragons (Beginner)

Our children's classes are specialized programs gleaned from many sources.  Our youngest children's class is called Little Dragons.   Our program provides a foundation for children to excel in numerous areas of their lives.

Some training benefits include:

Higher Self-Esteem
Friendly forms of Competition
Greater Respect for Themselves & Others
Improved Academic Performance

We provide three, one hour, sessions per week without a contract.  All new students can purchase a training uniform for $30.00.  The monthly charge is $65.00

Little Dragons (Advanced)

The next class in our training program is for the students who need it the most.   At this age group children and their class mates begin to develop into more mature individuals capable of injuring one another.  We provide three, one hour, sessions per week without a contract.

As with the previous program a uniform can be purchased by all new students for $30.00.   The monthly cost is $65.00  This training includes instruction that is designed for  the specific problems that children in this age group are faced with everyday.

As karate instructors our relationship with our students allow us to act as positive role models.  This is a position that we take very seriously.   Once a student becomes a member at our school we will work with him as much as possible in order to improve confidence, self-awareness, self-control and self-discipline.

We do not promote any violent activity, behavior or association with any religious order.  The training taught at the Martial Arts Center will be according to the guidelines and by laws of our governing body.  Any student caught violating these guidelines will be summarily dismissed from our school.

We will work with parents, teachers and healthcare professionals to see that the student will benefit from an association with our school, and we are seriously committed to our policies for effective life management.

Adult Programs

We offer a variety of adult programs ranging from Aerobic Kickboxing to Yang Style Tai Chi.  Our adult program operates the same as our Advancing Dragons program as far as cost and start up benefits.  You receive two private lessons per month for $80.00   This includes all of our other workout classes at no additional charge.   Private lessons are scheduled by appointment with our head instructor.

Some Things You Should Know About Private Lessons

  1. Private lessons are the fastest way to learn the martial arts.
  2. Through private lessons you can attain a higher skill level in a shorter time frame.
  3. At The Martial Arts Center all private lessons are 1/2 hour in length for adults, and 20 minutes in length for children.
  4. Our minimum requirement for attendance by our students is two private lessons per month.
  5. You must schedule your private lessons in advance.
  6. All private lessons are charged at $40.00 per lesson. (Unless you take four per month then they are $30.00 per lesson)
  7. If you are unable to attend a scheduled private lesson then you must let us know in advance.
  8. A minimum of one-hour advance notice of cancellation is required or you will be charged for that missed lesson.
  9. Private lessons should be taken on the same day either weekly or bi-weekly as part of your regularly scheduled classes, and should not be extended beyond a reasonable amount of time (example, If you take your lessons weekly, you should attend those lessons on consecutive weeks unless other arrangements are made).
  10. You can use your MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Diners Club cards to pay for lessons or supplies.
  11. No refunds will be given on pre-paid lessons.

Please call our school at 314-894-8599 for any questions regarding class times, structure or requirements for attendance.