Eric and Joe Lewis


Eric Patterson - Instructor

Eric holds a 3rd degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo and a 1st degree black belt in Joe Lewis' American Full Contact/Kickboxing Systems.

Eric began his martial arts studies in 1977 at a Kempo school in Yuma, Arizona. This complemented the hand-to-hand combat training provided while serving in the Marine Corps. After the Marine Corps, he took a job requiring extensive long term travel, and used the unique opportunity to train at various schools throughout the United States, regardless of style. Eric then attended college at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and worked out extensively with professional kickboxers. He also studied judo, jui-jitsu and shoot-fighting while in school.

He also teaches a women's Rape Awareness seminar, and he works closely with local law enforcement and rape counselors to provide the best information to help women help themselves. Several of those seminars were covered by two local news affiliates.

As an active kickboxer Eric was sanctioned as a Missiouri State Kickboxing Champion under the C.K.C.



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